Charlie Bingham

I am a mature (on paper), final year undergraduate student at the University of York. Doing my dissertation from the kitchen table due to the current global situation. I am a Laidlaw scholar and have completed a level 5 leadership and management qualification as part of this during my time at York. I am the Archaeology department representative, working to ensure the student voice is heard and ensuring accessible opportunities for all students.

I am a future MRes student at Bangor University. It is my absolute dream to be a full time science engager, working with the next generation to educate on topics such as conservation and the importance of preserving our home, Earth. I am an aspiring author and broadcaster and hope that one day I will achieve these goals, one step at a time.

I write for the travel blog – Bald Hiker – documenting our little family adventures and highlighting beautiful places to visit around the UK. https://www.baldhiker.com/author/charlie-bingham/

My little family